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Re: FUNcube-1's 1st Birthday

PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2014 3:50 pm
by g4dpz

It's been a great few years working on the project and while I haven't been involved directly with the Space segment,
I have taken great pleasure in designing and developing the Data Warehouse part of the Ground Segment.

It's been refreshing to work on something that is a real-time distributed system with lots of data providers and
subscribers. I've learned a lot about system performance and resilience!

Thanks to the rest of the team for the ideas, encouragement and of course finding 're-coding opportunities' :-)

I should also like to thank my employers Black Pepper Software for their contribution of software during the prototyping
stages of the Data Warehouse. To that end, I've written a short blog about our baby's first year: ... thank-you/


- Dave, G4DPZ

Re: FUNcube-1's 1st Birthday

PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2014 8:01 pm
by wd9ewk
Hi again!

W7O continues to work the AO-73 passes, even after Friday turned into Saturday. Last night, early Saturday UTC time, I worked Bob W7LRD near Seattle in Washington state and Sawson KG6NUB near Stanford University in northern California on the 0550 UTC pass.

A note about KG6NUB. Sawson has been working satellites for several years, mostly on the FM birds. In the past few months, he has been trying the SSB satellites using an FT-857 as his transmitter, a FUNcube Dongle as his receiver, an Arrow dual-band Yagi, and operating from his apartment. Indoors! Being indoors may limit the number of passes he's able to work, but he does a great job considering his conditions.

This (Saturday) morning, Ron W5RKN was on the 1607 UTC AO-73 pass this morning, and worked a few stations. I don't have a log or report of his activity on that pass yet. I was on the 1743 UTC pass as W7O, logging four QSOs - Omar XE1AO in central Mexico, Glenn AA5PK in west Texas, and two stations in my state of Arizona (Leo W7JPI, Jack KC7MG).

More activity to follow...