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A New satellite enthusias

PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 12:09 pm
by vk2byf
Hi I'm VK2BYF and brand new on satelites.

I'm using home brew eggbeaters over reflectors. I can hear the signal sort of white noise and every few second I hear a tone, actually 2 tones I can see on dashboard. I don't decode anything on the status bar.

I'm using FT-817 Receiver and feeding Audio into Mike input on sound card via a Rascal i/f. This has worked successfully on RTTY and PSK31.

I'm in the process of building better antennas but curious what I missed somewhere. Yes I have read he manual for the dasboard. I'm not using the dongle and I limit the bandwidth to around 3500 Hz as the RX is no wider than that anyway. Even with full 48000Hz bandwidth I can hear but not decode.

I guess auto tune only works with the dongle SDR. I suppose the data is a short burst when we hear the tone pair. What is the white noise between tone pairs and how do I tune accurately because I have to chase the signal for almost plus 10kHz to minus 10kHz over the path/footprint. Two short nulls when overhead as expected.

Lot's of questions as I have never worked satellites before. I heard the signal tonight after dark which , I think is low power mode so my eggbeaters with preamp must be doing ok or am I kidding myself. It sure would be handy to have some local help from some VK2s I'm on the South Coast near Nowra.

Regards and thanks for any replies. 73 Bob