Tracking software

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Tracking software

Postby mikeadams » Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:24 pm

Please can you advise on what Windows software is popular for tracking these days - quite a while since I tracked satellites and wondered what software is now being used ? Running Windows 8.1 here

Thanks for any info / URLs - using orbitron at the moment but there may be a more modern piece of software out there. 73 de Mike G0AMO
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Re: Tracking software

Postby 2e0sql » Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:20 am

I'm using SatPC32, but I believe Orbitron is still widely used.
Peter, 2E0SQL
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Re: Tracking software

Postby G0KYA » Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:25 am

I use Orbitron and like it quite a lot. I run it under XP so not sure how it will perform under Windows 8.

It is working fine with both the pre-launch and updated Keps.

Steve G0KYA
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Re: Tracking software

Postby g4dpz » Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:59 am


WE are using Nova for the tracking on the ground station for testing.


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Re: Tracking software and Doppler

Postby mikeadams » Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:40 pm

Using Orbitron and just managed to get the MyDDE link going to control my IC706. Very successful pass a few minutes ago with good response from my system - only with a 4 element beam in the loft on a rotator. Lots of counts on that pass. The Doppler tracking seemed to work fine - just towards the end it seemed to be tuning too fast and the signal sounded very high pitched. This may be where the KEPS are not quite correct yet?

However very pleased with how it worked this evening and a much better response from the two passes across the UK tonight. 73 de Mike G0AMO
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