Second Pass

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Second Pass

Postby Ted » Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:45 am

I have a recorded a decodable file of the second pass: (SDRSharp_20131121_102240Z_145935kHz_IQ.wav, 96.7MB)
Antenna: Turnstile, height 15 feet
Coaxial cable: low loss RG213U, length 10 metres
Receiver: FUNcubePro+ dongle to a Windows 7 PC running SDRSharp

I tracked FUNcube-1 with Orbitron, having kindly been sent the initial TLEs by Ken, GW1FKY. Expecting to get nothing from the Turnstile, I started the recording at about 10.23 AM and went into the back garden to try to hear the bleeps from FUNcube-1, using a cheap handheld transceiver connected to an Elk 5-element log periodic handheld antenna. The noise level was very high, but I was delighted to hear weak, but definite 5-second bleeps from the satellite, with the antenna pointing east. I enjoyed this until the bleeps faded and then I returned to the house. Expecting nothing from my recording, I nevertheless replayed it on SDRSharp and was extremely surprised to hear 5-second bleeps and see a rather weak but convincing BPSK signal. Having successfully decoded all of the example files about a week ago, I entered the same settings into the Dashboard and tried to decode my file. After tying for more than half-an-hour, I concluded that my S/N was inadequate, but by then I had to abandon the effort for a pressing engagement. Returning to the task in the early evening, I tried again to decode the file, but failed numerous times. Then suddenly to my delight and astonishment, the expected signal appeared on the Dashboard and I saw parameters changing. I made a short video (11.5 MB) of the right hand side of the dashboard, in which one can see changes in Power Amplifier readings. Later I remembered to look at the graphical displays. They were all there. However, when I selected Sun Sensors, the Dashboard froze and there was nothing I could do to recover it. Since then I have been unable to decode either my IQ file or any of the example files, despite downloading the dashboard software version 1.0809.1 several times. My input device in all successful decodes was CABLE Output VB-Audio Virtual, which I have tested and is working.

I would appreciate any suggestions for resolving my decoding problem.

Late this afternoon, I shall be showing a Youtube video of the Dnepr launch, to the after-school Science Club that I run for 9/10 year old children, who last week each made models of FUNcube-1. I shall also play back to them my IQ file of the second pass.

Find the launch video at

I warmly thank the FUNcube team and their designers for a hours of fun that they have given me and the pleasure they are giving to the children in my Science Club.

Ted, G3YWA
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