Funcube-1 Dashboard Error and uploads seem stuck

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Re: Funcube-1 Dashboard Error and uploads seem stuck

Postby g4dpz » Thu Nov 20, 2014 7:45 pm


No, the warehouse differentiates the satellites by part of the preamble in the packet data and scores

We've got users running up to 4 co-located ground stations with the same siteId.

The warehouse is accepting packets again, I did a fix to improve processing within the data
server but the side effect was that it was a little too rigorous at rejecting packets.

The effect was for the Dashboard to back off and caches data. Once we had uploaded the
patch to the data service, a whole load of data arrived within the space of a minute when the r
ejection code was removed! Just fixing up the created times now :-)

We though initially that our one year old was having a tantrum when the sequence number
glitched yesterday evening. We now believe that it was an FC2 reset and that the packet preamble
for few millisconds was using the FC1 code.

Many thanks


Dave, G4DPZ
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Re: Funcube-1 Dashboard Error and uploads seem stuck

Postby g4bbh » Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:42 pm

Worked perfectly again on last passes FC1 and FC2.
Dick G4BBH
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Re: Funcube-1 Dashboard Error and uploads seem stuck

Postby VK2DWT » Fri Nov 21, 2014 2:29 am

Hi All,
Well good news today all uploads ok with no errors and the warehouse seems to have updated cross fingers.

There was never an error weather I was tracking both or one, the only problem is the software jumps around a bit and sometimes have to force it to move by moving the green line or changing the red cheers Harry

PS: great that it is fixed I did see the build up waiting to upload but usually they cleared soon after but not over the last couple of days but all good now.
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Re: Funcube-1 Dashboard Error and uploads seem stuck

Postby JanH » Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:11 am

Hello Dave,

Thank you, both for the explanation and for opening up the Warehouse to accept the 'funnies' again! Those 'FC1' bits in the FC2 telemetry were puzzling to say the least - I have always wondered whether the 'gear changes' we hear on FUNcube-2/UKube-1 did not perhaps introduce glitches :-) To you, Graham and the rest of the FC1/FC2 Team appreciation for keeping the Warehouse and those little satellites polished and in tip-top condition.

Yesterday morning after a very good pass of FC1 followed by a similar one of FC2 there were just over 400 frames lined up on the three Dashboards (obviously with some duplication) and I just felt that it was such a shame to throw them away even though they were stored in the bin files too :-) Hours later when re-connecting to Internet it was a pleasant surprise to see them all speeding off to the Warehouse!

Harry, thank you too for your earlier comments! Unlike the Internet services in Australia and the rest of the civilised world it remains a BIG problem in South Africa. The most reliable link that I have is the old dial-up one, but there I have to pay for duration of the call at regular telephone rates during the daytime - even a single pass would cost around 2 AUD! The 3G/WiFi systems that I have with two different service providers just keep on 'rolling over' and have to be reset every few minutes. I have just got a new 3G/WiFi router and that should improve the situation by providing a cost-effective reliable 3G based WiFi service.

It was also good to see all those familiar call signs in the satellites' Upload Ranking pages in this discussion!

Vy 73 to all and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to FUNcube-1!

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Re: Funcube-1 Dashboard Error and uploads seem stuck

Postby VR2VBU » Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:10 pm

Good day all

I have problem on there are Error message as the capture screen. I cannot update my info in File --> Setting.
Could anyone please give me solution?

email: vr2vbu( at) yahoo (dot ) com (dot ) hk
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