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Problems unpacking the Dashboard Installer

PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2013 8:50 pm
by g3vzv
We originally decided to rename the installer file so that the unpacked version did not end with.msi suffix.
This was to overcome problems some users might have as a result of their Windows security settings.
Unfortunately we left this info out of the ver 1.0 of the Guidance Notes, so apologies for the confusion.
The Dashboard download page now provides two versions of the with an .msi suffix and one that requires renaming after unpacking.

This is the page currently @ 2100UTC today....

The Dashboard Installer for Windows can be downloaded from here:

if you have any problems with your Windows security settings preventing you being able to extract the above file then download the version below and, after extracting it, simply rename the suffix to .msi ...

The Guidance Notes can be downloaded from here - please read them before loading and running the software! ... e-1-02.pdf