Responses from our testing team

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Responses from our testing team

Postby g3vzv » Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:37 pm

I will ask our testing team to note their comments here!
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Re: Responses from our testing team

Postby g3vzv » Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:00 pm

First report is from Mike MJW...using 790 he cannot get the dashboard to display anything from an IQ file nor from audio from SDRIQ playing back an IQ file

789 appears to do this perfectly...have we broken something?


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Re: Responses from our testing team

Postby g3vzv » Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:20 pm

further testing here suggests that 790is ok but that 791 is broken but my head hurts and MS have just done a weird W7 x64 update which seems to have confused everything including me
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Re: Responses from our testing team

Postby g3vzv » Sat Oct 12, 2013 4:00 pm

Hi Clive,

Very many thanks for your report!

I am delighted to know that you have been able to display the data from the
.bin files.

Regarding the connection to the sounds that it is working ok but
that the level is too low. Are you using an original device or a Pro+? If
the latter then it will be appearing as line input and you may need to raise
the audio level to maximum. With an antenna connected you should see a
spectrum noise display across the bottom and the vertical green tuning bar
will probably hop around looking for a signal. If the audio level is too low
then the noise is actual below the display line.

Yes if you click on capture from soundcard it should work fine...again you
may need to adjust the relevant audio levels.

Your further reports are awaited!

many thanks


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From: Clive Wallis
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To: Graham Shirville
Subject: Re: FUNcube-1 Dashboard testing

Hi Graham,

Many thanks for sending the software & documention. I managed to
install the program, although I had to download NetFramework v4.0.

The program appears to be working, although there are some problems.

Firstly, a brief description of my com[uter.

Windows 7, Home Premium, SP1, 64 bit

CPU AMD A6 3650 quad core, 2.6 GHz


Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6530D

Normally I prefer to use 800*600 resolution, which sometimes causes
problems, particularly if the windows have no scroll bars.

I've downloaded the .BIN frile from Wouter's website, and that appears
to be working OK, with temperatures of 26.1, also the graphs seem OK.

When I click on 'Capture from Funcube Dongle', it says FCD detected. I
get a steady vertical line in the bottom window, which moves when I
connect the antenna to the FCD. I think it may be detecting computer
generated QRM from the program. When I key my TX, set to FM 145.975, I
get a transient display on the bottom screen. Is this normal?

I've also downloaded one of Wouter's .WAV files, but haven't tried to
play it back into the sound card. Will the program automatically find
my sound card?

73 Clive G3CWV
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Re: Responses from our testing team

Postby n8mh » Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:16 am

Hello All!

Finally into the web board and did some testing. Working OK here, using loopback audio cable from sound out/mic in. I can print packets from all 4 wave files this way.

Also, the program detects both my original FCPro dongle and the Pro+ dongle, too.

So, off to a great start.

Is the warehouse login data the same as the username/pw for this web board? Guess I need to read some more ;)

Nice work, everybody!
Mark N8MH
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Re: Responses from our testing team

Postby admin » Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:56 am

I had thought about creating a common login between the forum and the warehouse, they do share the same database server.

Let me get the next step, graphing, out of the way and I'll come back to it.

Thanks for all the feedback.

Such a shame we can't collaborate on a FOX warehouse :-(


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Re: Responses from our testing team

Postby g3vzv » Fri Oct 25, 2013 10:23 am

Many thanks for your useful help. I've now managed to see some signals
with the FCD Pro+ connected, after increasing the audio gain.

I've also managed to get it going with Wouter's strong signal WAVs. Some
sensible TLM values & graphs. Also the Fitter messages are OK.

Haven't had any luck with decoding a weak signal file, although I saw
the spectrum.

Overall I find the program rather unfriendly. Perhaps this is because
some more work is needed to complete the program. In particular clicking
various items opens a new window, but there is no X box to close it.
Clicking on the various X boxes on the display have no effect.

Several times the program has crashed and wants to send a report to

BTW I note that you can use a conventional receiver instead of a FCD.
Have you tried this? Did you feed the mono output of the RX into both
stereo inputs? Would the program be able to lock onto the signal with
manual tuning to follow the doppler or is computerised tracking essential?

Looking forward to the launch. Good luck!

73 Clive G3CWV
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