Fitter Message 9 - an explanation

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Fitter Message 9 - an explanation

Postby g3vzv » Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:44 pm

What are the funny characters in the FM9 slot?

Well the command stations can repurpose FM9 to either be a "normal" fitter message or to carry the debug data that is displayed at the bottom of the Dashboard.
This carries info about various status flags and other parameters.
The format is described here

"in short fitter message 9, when we are running in debug mode starts of with 0xFF that's how we know its debug, then what follows is just a byte for byte copy of some of the in memory structures from the running MCU, filling up the rest of the fitter message is an MCU program trace (read from right to left) the letter indicates the source file, the number is the line number in that source file. The spaces are where the MCU has finished processing and has gone back to wait for more events."
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