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Postby g4dpz » Fri Nov 01, 2013 4:27 pm


The URL is:

The intention of the warehouse is to allow access to all the data
received for the duration of the mission rather than from just one or
a series of passes. This will enable educators and others to download
mission telemetry for off-line analysis as part of our STEM outreach

The warehouse will store information for the following

- FUNcube Flight Model
- UKube-1 - FUNcube module
- FUNcube Engineering Model (which will be used for some
- FUNcube Software Test Stack (which is still be used for
development but may become another demonstration model later)

Please note, that we are still adding functionality and that some
features may not be enabled but it will give a flavour of what will
be there.

The warehouse DOES allow registration for upload of data from the
FUNcube Dashboard (see below) and we would like feedback on the
process. You can register now as a user of the Warehouse and then,
later, apply the settings, that you will be emailed to you, to the
Dashboard software when it is available.

There is a new forum at:, whose purpose
is to provide support for FUNcube satellite users. Registration on
this forum is separate from the warehouse registration.

FUNcube Dashboard

A Windows PC application has been developed which will allow FUNcube
Dongle (either model) users and those with other, SSB compatible, 2
metre radios to receive and display satellite telemetry in real time
and upload the data to the FUNcube Data Warehouse. If using the
FUNcube Dongle, the software will perform doppler tracking on the
received signal.

As well as real-time processing, the software can replay binary, IQ
and sound files captured on earlier passes.

The Dashboard software is undergoing final testing and will be made
available in about two weeks time.

We are looking forward to a late November launch. News updates can
be found here:


Dave Johnson, G4DPZ
on behalf of AMSAT-UK / AMSAT-NL
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