Panel Maximum Temperatures

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Panel Maximum Temperatures

Postby Ted » Sun Dec 08, 2013 5:48 pm

The black and silver panels must be losing and gaining a tiny amount of heat due to conduction, since they are offset from the chassis and connected only through pillars of small diameter. These panels must therefore absorb heat and lose heat almost exclusively by radiation. A matt black surface would be expected to lose and gain heat more quickly than a reflective silvered surface. One would therefore expect the black panel to rise to a higher maximum temperature and fall to a lower minimum temperature than a silvered panel. Satellites are often screened with reflective material to reduce heat absorption. The silvered panel (bar) on FUNcube-1 consistently rises to a maximum temperature of about 30 degrees, whereas the matt black panel (bar) only rises to a maximum temperature of 25 degrees. Surely this is the reverse of what one might have expected? Are the thermocouples giving reliable temperature readings? If so, what is the explanation for the observed panel temperatures? The matt black panel does reach a lower minimum temperature than the silver panel as expected. The range of temperature for both panels appears to be about the same.
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Re: Panel Maximum Temperatures

Postby g0mrf » Sun Dec 08, 2013 6:41 pm

Hi Ted.
Thanks for the question re temps
I spotted a similar question from you while you were talking with Mark on the Schools / MSE thread. As it's MSE related I put a possible explanation there yesterday. - Would be interested in your thoughts.

Thanks David
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