2nd Demo at Someries Junior School, Luton

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2nd Demo at Someries Junior School, Luton

Postby Ted » Sun Dec 21, 2014 5:22 pm

This message is just to report that my 2nd demonstration at Someries Junior School, Luton, of a pass of FUNcube-1 over the UK was successful. I set-up my PC, a FUNcube Pro+ dongle and a turnstile antenna early in the morning of Friday 19th December as planned. My PC displayed the Dashboard, a second PC displayed the Warehouse and a monitor displayed a map of the world (Orbitron prediction software). I was able to perform a successful test run at 9.15, when the satellite passed over the UK at an elevation of 19 degrees. At 10.50 about 15 children, the Head and a few members of staff gathered around me and witnessed the next pass of the satellite (elevation 62 degrees). About 50 frames were collected and the fitter message for the school was displayed to the delight of the children and Head. I displayed graphs of the satellite data and explained the materials science experiment. An enjoyable time was had by all. My 1st demo took place in December 2013.
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Re: 2nd Demo at Someries Junior School, Luton

Postby g4dpz » Wed Dec 24, 2014 7:53 pm

Hi Ted,

It's so satisfying to do a demo to children of any age, even those like me that have a few silver hairs :-)

It really captures the imagination when it's done in real-time.

I can grab the data from the warehouse as a set of csv files from the pass you observed if you would like to do more with it.

Well done and I hope you get the opportunity to do more in 2015.


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